Steffen PfistererWe are convinced, that the potential of our wine-growing district in the Brettach-valley has not been scooped out by far. Further efforts to cultivate good wines with well-proven methods are guiding our work.

It goes without saying, that fermenting mash, biological acid decomposition, natural settling and of course: "taking time for the wine" is self-evident for us. We start setting the course for our wines in the vineyard already, not in the cellar. Ecologically enduring and natural growing is our profession.

It's even more important for us, to observe nature with a lot of attention, because every year tends to be different. During the months, we have to make up your mind, which influences are necessary for the viniculture. We decide, what we want to strengthen, improve or guide without manipulating the wine.

One thing is for sure: every year you get only one chance to create a extraordinary wine.

Best wishes and enjoy tasting wine. Yours Steffen Pfisterer.

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